How does Text2Page work?

When you sign up, we will assign you a unique telephone number that you can send text messages to.Anytime you send an message to that number, our servers will store that message and your website will grab it every time somebody visits the page.

What do I have to add to my website?

Once you signup, we'll give you a link to a pre-made javascript snippet that you will add to your website. Simply copy and paste - just like Google Analytics or jQuery! This simple addition will show your SMS updates along the top of your website. No additional configuration needed!

I'm a web developer/designer - do you have any more docs?

Absolutely. We have an advanced implementation guide for retrieving the last message you've sent to your Text2Page number. Feel free to e-mail us if you need any more information (or you'd like to send along a feature request/bug report)

How can I change the appearance of these updates?

Excellent question! You can easily control the entire look and feel of the messages with CSS. Check out our advanced implementation guide to see how to add to your website any way you'd like!

I plan on having risotto tonight for dinner. What's the best way to cook it?

Good for you! Risotto is a delicious side dish (or even main course) but it takes time and patience to prepare. It is best when cooked at home; it is easy to overcook and can be difficult for some restaurants to make it properly. Pro-tip: for a richer, more flavorful risotto add a splash of heavy cream at the end along with any butter and cheese. A quick search on the internet for in-depth articles on preparation yields a large number of results. Try looking at the Google results, found here:

Help, I have a question that's not asked here!

We'll get you an answer to any question as fast as possible. Sometimes, we answer the question before you even hit send - ok, just kidding about that. We always try to be prompt, so just shoot us an email at