Goodbye, complicated FTP settings and logins!

Text2Page lets you push bite-sized updates or alerts to your website simply by sending a text message

Frequent updates to your website shouldn't require a computer, complicated software and hard to remember passwords. Text2Page makes it easy to send quick updates and alerts to your website whenever you need.

  • Drive more revenue by updating your website with today's sales or specials, even while you're on the go.
  • Post weather alerts and unexpected closings to your website without struggling with an FTP program or forgotten CMS logins.
  • Works with virtually any web page, including those created with Wordpress, FrontPage, Drupal, Dreamweaver and thousands more!

Update any part of your website while you're on the go!     

Try Text2Page Demo

Send your demo code in a text message to (603) 878-5614 and see how just how fast and easy it can be to update your website!

We absolutely do not share or use your number and this demo won't send any messages to your phone

Hello (603) 252-7528!

Just imagine if updating your website was that fast and easy! Did you know you can sign up for Text2Page and add it to your website in under three minutes?

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Text2Page lets your push updates to your website via text message     

Quickly add to your website

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We'll give you a dedicated phone number for your website. We'll also generate all the HTML and scripts you'll need.

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It's a breeze to add the Text2Page code to your website. You can decide where your alerts show up and how they look.

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Send updates anytime!

Send a text from your authorized cell phone and we'll update your website with the message - it's 100% automatic.

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